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Indian River is home to some of the most pristine bodies of water in North America. Two beautiful rivers that are completely distinct from each other, and two lakes that lie on the northeast and west borders of the city. These bodies of water are great for fishing, boating, swimming, and more. Let’s dive into each one individually.

There are a few different access points into Burt Lake. DeVoe Beach is located on the northwest side of Indian River, just barely west of downtown. Burt Lake State Park is located just south of downtown and contains over 2,000 feet of sandy shoreline – including a dog beach. Inside Burt Lake, you can go angling for multiple different species of fish, including different varieties of bass, crappie, bullhead, trout, and more. Burt Lake covers more than 17,100 acres, making it the fourth largest inland lake in Michigan. It reaches 73 feet at the deepest point. Burt Lake is part of the Inland Waterway, which is a chain of rivers and lakes that reach about 38 miles of water, completely accessible by boat.

The Indian River (from which the city gets its name) flows right through the heart of Indian River. There is a bridge marking the northern border of downtown, through which the Indian River flows. Indian River flows from Burt Lake, right in to Mullett Lake – connecting the two. The Indian River continues that Inland Waterway east. As a general rule, the Indian River is the wider river of the two in Indian River, making it also the slower and easier to navigate of the two. It is very common to see deck boats and pontoons moseying their way down the river through town, and from lake to lake.

Mullett Lake is slightly smaller than Burt Lake. This lake covers about 17,000 acres, and reaches 120 feet deep, making it the 5th largest lake in Michigan. Mullett Lake is most famously known for their state record size Lake Sturgeon, but that is far from the only species of fish this gorgeous lake has to offer. The main public access points are in Topinabee (just a few miles north of Indian River), and Cheboygan at Aloha State Park (about 15 miles north of Topinabee).

The Sturgeon River is the fastest flowing river in the Lower Peninsula, moving at an average descent of 14 feet per mile. It has been named a blue ribbon trout stream. The Sturgeon is also known for its population of steelhead. The Sturgeon River is most often used for water sports such as high-speed tubing, rafting, and kayaking. The Sturgeon flows north from Gaylord, through Wolverine, and into the Burt Lake. The average depth is only 3-4 feet, and the deepest points reach about 5-8 feet. Do note that the Sturgeon, because it is so fast moving, does not get very warm. The average temperature year round is about 42-52 degrees Fahrenheit.


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